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This is currently a one-man operation. I'm Markleford Friedman, and I do all this stuff for free... for now, at least: maybe someday I'll "turn pro", but until then I just like to help out online musicians when I'm able, so they can better create the stuff we all love. That's pretty cool reward in itself, right?

But if you really like my stuff and find it useful, you could help me out other ways...

Donate Money

I'm *finally* taking donations through PayPal, as people have suggested I do for a year or two now. Fast, convenient, secure, and they don't skim *too* much off the top! I'm grateful for anything you can offer.

Donate Software

I often call this the "Dev-Ware" or "Begging-Ware" payment model: if you're a software developer and you (or your users) like using my stuff, how about returning the favor and donating a license of your product to me? Not only does it give me something for your appreciation, but if there's a particular synergy between our products, then you also get the bonus of a third-party developer making free stuff for your users!

So with that in mind, please email your offer to me!

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