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The DR-008 Drum Sampler by FXpansion has a nifty SDK that allows third-party developers to add functionality to it.

I haven't used it for many, many years, but you're welcome to use these tools if you still do!

DR-008 KitBoost

Sometimes a DR-008 kit is a little quiet for your taste, but you don't want to tweak all those mixer sliders! This module will do it for you automatically. (New version does a +3dB boost instead of +6)

DR-008 NameTweak

If you load up samples with underscores in the filename, your pad labels will look a little ugly. Moreover, the DR-008 knows how to break a line if it finds a space in the pad name. This module will do this renaming (underscores to spaces) for you automatically. Additionally, it strips the filename extention off the name to tidy up the label even more!

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